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Because There Are Choices . . .

In an era when secularism is gaining increasing influence and many people feel  empowered to choose their ethnic and religious identities, why would someone chose to be committed to Judaism at the real or perceived expense of placing burdens on their secular lifestyles and goals?

And why would they do so when so many fail to see any significant difference between Jewish and secular culture in the United States?

As often has been pointed out, Judaism is more than a religion. It also can be, and is, viewed variously as a culture, an ethnicity, a nation and a civilization.
  But can Judaism complete as any of these, and survive and thrive through the coming ages, against the appeal and allure of secular life? 

The answer is yes, if it is presented and perceived as relevant in the context of a secular world.

The Prometheus Foundation is concerned that a sense of Judaism, Jewishness and Jewish Peoplehood be fostered, and also be recognized as having sufficient relevant content, to assure a broad-based commitment to Judaism and the Jewish People for generations to come.  Without meaning to denigrate social action activities to any extent, the reality is that while these may serve to get people to join a synagogue, they will not suffice to assure the survival of Judaism.  Only a Jewish content, and/or a sense of Jewish Peoplehood that has content, will do that.  And not just any content will do.  It must be a content that to some extent informs a person's life and is perceived as relevant to it

We seek these ends through programs that include, among others, a study into the question of the perceived and actual relevancy of Judaism to the secular Jew.  But we begin at a basic education/informational level in recognition of how distant too many Diaspora Jews have drifted from connections, real substantive connections, with the Jewish People  These efforts include  a newsletter providing news of, and information about, Israel that does not appear in the popular press; providing truly objective background information on political issues affecting Israel; and offering travel opportunities to Israel that go beyond presenting Israel as a museum
by exploring Israeli arts, culture, multi-cultural and outdoor activities. Its the Raq Rega Project.

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