in collaboration with:
United Christian Communities, The American Mideast Leadership Network and The Raq Rega Project
Our Mission Christians Uniting with Christians: United Christian Communities Inc. Jews Uniting with Jews: The Raq Rega Project Arab-Muslims and Christians Uniting with Arab-Muslims and -Christians: AMLN Inc. and United Christian Communities Inc.
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In collaboration with the American Mideast Leadership Network, we work to unite Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs in North American and the MidEast.

The American MidEast Leadership Network is a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the Arab-American community in North America  and to bringing together American and Middle Eastern students and young professionals in cultural exchange programs that give these future leaders a more thorough understanding of each other’s cultural, religious, and political lives.

We intend to collaborate with the Palestinian and Israeli branches of United Christian Communities Inc. when their formation is completed.
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